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- Your top choice for a Singapore study journey.

Welcome to Edven Overseas Education consultant Singapore – your dedicated partner for studying abroad in Singapore. We understand the challenges of studying overseas and offer a range of services to make your journey seamless. Our experienced team provides expert guidance, helping with university applications, visa processes, and personalized counselling tailored to your needs.

Benefit from our strong partnerships with Singaporean universities, ensuring access to top-tier institutions aligned with your career goals. Join our global community through workshops and seminars, preparing you for cultural adaptation, academic expectations, and career development.

As you prepare to begin your study of Singapore journey , Our best education consultants in Singapore provide pre-departure assistance, covering travel arrangements and orientation for a confident start. Connect with us !

Apply now through Your success begins with Edven Overseas education consultants Singapore.

Why choose Singapore for Study Abroad

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Academic Excellence

Singapore hosts world-class universities renowned for academic excellence and globally recognized degrees.

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Global Business Hub

Capitalize on Singapore's status as a global financial and business center, opening doors for future career opportunities.

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Scholarship Support

Benefit from various scholarships and financial aid programs offered by the Singaporean government and universities.

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Research Opportunities

Access cutting-edge research facilities and engage in high-quality research projects.

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Education Gap

Singapore may consider applicants with gaps in their academic history, allowing for more inclusive opportunities.

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Low Cost

Overall Cost of education and living in Singapore may be lower compared to other popular study destinations, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious students.

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Networking and Career Prospects

Build a strong professional network and gain exposure to diverse industries, enhancing future career opportunities.

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Visa Success Rate

Singapore has a high visa success rate, providing students with confidence in their ability to pursue education in the country.

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Edven Overseas Your Top Choice Study in Singapore Consultants : Why Choose Us?

Choosing Edven Overseas ensures personalized support, accurate information, and assistance for a successful study journey in Singapore.

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Expert Guidance

Edven Overseas provides expert guidance and counseling to help students make informed decisions about their academic and career paths in Singapore.

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Personalized Approach

Our education consultant Singapore offer a personalized approach, understanding each student's unique needs, preferences, and aspirations.

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Comprehensive Services

From university selection to application assistance and visa support, Edven Overseas education consultants Singapore offers a wide range of services to ensure a smooth application process.

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Strong Network

Edven Overseas has connections with top universities and educational institutions in Singapore, offering students access to a wide array of academic opportunities.

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Visa Assistance

Singapore study visa consultants assist you in the visa application process & provide assistance to students with any challenges that may encounter .

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Affordable Options

Edven Overseas best education consultants in Singapore help students explore affordable study options, including scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

Top Universities in Singapore & Popular Programs

University Location Popular Programs
National University of Singapore (NUS)
Bukit Timah
Business, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Science, Arts & Social Sciences
James Cook University Singapore (JCUS)
Singapore City Centre
Business, IT, Psychology, Education
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Jurong West
Engineering, Business, Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Medicine
Singapore Management University (SMU)
City Hall
Business, Law, Social Sciences, Information Systems
Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT)
Engineering, Information & Communication Technology, Design & Architecture, Health & Social Sciences
Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)
Engineering, Business, Information Technology, Design
Singapore Polytechnic (SP)
Engineering, Business, Information Technology, Applied Sciences
Temasek Polytechnic (TP)
Engineering, Business, Design, Information Technology
Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP)
Bukit Timah
Engineering, Business, Information Technology, Health & Social Sciences

Edven Overseas education consultants Singapore are here to help you in selecting the appropriate university and best program for study abroad .

Cost of Studying in Singapore

Program Type Average Tuition Fee Range (SGD per year)
$5,000 - $20,000
$10,000 - $30,000
$35,000 - $70,000
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Scholarship Opportunities for International Students in Singapore

Pursue your education in Singapore with the support of excellent scholarships that encompass tuition fees, living expenses, and additional costs, allowing you to concentrate on your studies without financial concerns.

Scholarship Name Description
Singapore Government Scholarships
Fully-funded scholarships for international students from various countries to pursue studies in Singapore.
East Asia Institute Scholarships
Scholarships for international students from Southeast Asia to pursue postgraduate studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in specific areas.
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Scholarships
Various scholarships offered by NTU for international students, including merit-based scholarships and need-based scholarships.
Singapore Management University (SMU) Scholarships
Scholarships offered by SMU for international students, including merit-based scholarships and need-based scholarships.
The ASEAN Scholarship Fund
Scholarships for students from ASEAN member countries to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Singapore.
The President's Scholarship
Prestigious scholarship for outstanding international students to pursue undergraduate studies at any university in Singapore.
The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarships for outstanding international students from developing countries to pursue undergraduate studies at Singapore universities.
The ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarships for students from ASEAN member countries to pursue undergraduate studies at specific universities in Singapore.

Connect with study in Singapore consultants for assistance in getting scholarships and financial aid to support your studies.

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Singapore Visa Application Process & Required Documents

Begin your academic journey in Singapore with our top overseas education consultants Singapore. Our expert Singapore study visa consultants manage the application process, offering expert guidance and support in the documentation process.

Understanding Singapore Study Visa

A Singapore study visa, officially known as a Student Pass, is a document issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore, allowing foreign students to pursue their education in the country. This visa is a crucial requirement for international students who wish to enrol in educational institutions in Singapore, such as universities, colleges, or other accredited institutions.

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Documents Required for Singapore Study Visa

To get a student visa, certain essential documents are required

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Passport Along with your Visa application

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Proof of Fund covering tuition fees and living expenses

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eFORM 16 , eFORM V36 & Academic Marksheets

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Medical Reports format specified by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website.

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Visa Application Fees application fee receipt

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Letter of Acceptance from a Singaporean University

For professional assistance and guidance, reach out to our team of expert Singapore study visa consultants.



After 10+2, there is a 1-year diploma, and after graduation, a 1-year PG diploma is offered in fields such as Hospitality, Logistics, and Event Management. There are pathway programs also available .


Yes, there are internship opportunities available in Singapore for individuals who have completed diploma programs. Many educational institutions and industries collaborate to provide internships as part of the learning experience and to enhance practical skills.

A minimum of $15,000 (1 day old) is required for the application process, which is approximately 10-15 lakh INR.

A Student Pass is generally valid for the duration of the approved course of study, while an Employment Pass is typically issued for a specific employment period, renewable as long as the employment continues.

The requirement for IELTS (International English Language Testing System) varies among universities and programs. While some may have IELTS as a prerequisite, others may accept alternative English proficiency tests or have their language assessment methods.

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