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PTE coaching in Mohali

with Edven Overseas: Reach Your Goal Score!

Edven Overseas, PTE institute in Mohali, can help you reach your desired PTE score. To guarantee your success on the Pearson Test of English, our professionally qualified faculty members provide skilled guidance, individualized attention, and comprehensive study materials.

We are proud to be recognised as Mohali best PTE institute. Our comprehensive PTE classes near me have been built to help you learn the necessary Reading Writing and speaking skills to Reach your goal score .

Join Edven Overseas PTE classes in Mohali for comprehensive PTE exam preparation. Our expert guidance covers all aspects of the exam, providing focused instruction, mock tests, and personalized feedback at every level.

Why Choose Edven Overseas PTE institute Mohali?

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Expert guidance

Our instructors, certified and seeking expert advice, provide the best PTE institute in Mohali.

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Complimentary course materials

Access a vocabulary bank, e-books, and podcasts for interactive learning .

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Individualized attention

Receive one-on-one instruction for optimal learning outcomes & Tailored personalized Strategies.

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Convenient Timetables

Adaptability tailored to your way of life.

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Regular mock tests, including free AI-tested assessments, ensure readiness.

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Varied Practice

Diverse papers to enhance preparation, AI Based Practice Questions

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Continuous, flexible learning.

Learn in the coziness of your own residence.

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Comprehensive Feedback

Benefit from a thorough 360-degree overview, offering comprehensive insights for improvement.

PTE Exam Overview

The PTE exam is a computer-based assessment designed for individuals planning to pursue education abroad. This test evaluates the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of non-native English speakers. Recognized by approximately 3000 universities, colleges, and governments worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, PTE preparation not only ensures success in the exam but also improves overall English proficiency. PTE serves as a valuable tool for those aspiring to study, work, or immigrate abroad. Achieve your goals with Edven Overseas PTE coaching in Chandigarh.

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Edven Overseas PTE Coaching Chandigarh

Learning and Benefits

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Maximize Your Skills

Receive personalized guidance from experienced instructors at the top PTE institute in Chandigarh. Access comprehensive PTE preparation, scoring insights, and effective test strategies.

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Easy Self-Improvement

Get valuable feedback on all PTE sections – Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading. Learn expert tips and tricks to enhance strengths and overcome weaknesses through Edven Overseas PTE Coaching near me .

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Personalized Study Plan

Regularly assess your progress and adapt your study plan to match your evolving needs. Stay on track for your ideal PTE score on the first attempt.

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Boost Your Score

Acquire essential skills and effective tips to confidently face PTE challenges. Engage in flexible and engaging learning methods to boost your PTE score.

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Avoid Common Mistakes

Receive trustworthy guidance from certified experts to steer clear of crash mantras. Benefit from practice testing, 360-degree feedback, and a focus on continuous learning.

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Beyond Books Learning

Enjoy lively webinars, videos, and practice tests for an exciting and effective PTE preparation. Build confidence and stamina for the real PTE exam at our PTE institute Chandigarh.

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PTE Score Eligibility for PTE Exam

Age Requirement: To take the PTE Academic test, a minimum age of 16 is mandatory. Individuals under 18 need parental consent, which can be obtained through the official PTE Academic website.

Attempts and Regulations: There are no restrictions on the number of attempts for the PTE test. However, candidates are prohibited from scheduling multiple dates simultaneously.

Minimum Score: No minimum score is required for PTE Exam Eligibility. A score within the range of 50-63 is considered competent, while a score of 65-75 or higher is advisable for competitive university options.

Enroll today at Edven Overseas PTE Classes in Mohali to excel in every segment of the PTE exam.

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PTE Pattern

The PTE exam evaluates English proficiency in reading, listening, speaking, and writing, divided into three sections .

Prepare for success with Edven Overseas PTE coaching in Mohali.

PTE Section-Wise Pattern

Speaking and Writing (54-65 minutes)

Task Description
Personal Introduction
Candidates introduce themselves.
Read Aloud
Given 30-40 seconds to prepare and read aloud.
Repeat Sentences
Repeat a 3-9 second recording.
Describe an Image
Explain an image within 40 seconds.
Retell the Lecture
Narrate a 90-second lecture in 40 seconds.
Answer a Short Question
Respond to a question within 3-9 seconds.
Summarize Written Text
Summarize a 300-word passage into a 75-word statement.

Reading and Writing (28-30 minutes)

Task Description
Reading and Writing Fill in the Blanks
Choose the correct response for a 300-word prompt.
PTE Multiple choice answers
Select several correct responses.
Reorder Paragraphs
Correctly arrange randomly ordered texts.
Fill the gaps
Choose the proper response for reading fill in the blanks.
PTE Multiple Choice, Single Answer
Select one response.

Listening (Duration varies: 30-45 minutes)

Task Description
Summarise Spoken Text
Write a 50–70 word response to a recording.
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
Choose multiple correct responses.
Fill in the Blanks
Substitute missing words after listening to a text.
Highlight Correct Summary
Choose the best paragraph after listening.
Multiple Choice, Single Answer
Choose the one correct response.
Select Missing Word
Identify the correct missing word.
Highlight Inaccurate Words
Highlight errors in a given transcript.



The PTE exam is a computer-based assessment of English language proficiency, comprising four main sections: Speaking and Writing, Reading, Listening, and Enabling Skills. It employs diverse item types like multiple-choice, essay writing, and speaking tasks to evaluate your language abilities.

Absolutely! There is no restriction on the number of attempts for the PTE test. However, it’s essential to wait for your scores before scheduling another test.

PTE scores enjoy wide acceptance globally, with recognition from universities, colleges, and governments in various countries. Notable destinations include the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more.

The difficulty level varies among individuals. Some find PTE easier due to its computer-based format, providing a unique advantage. Others may prefer the traditional approach of IELTS. It ultimately depends on personal preference.

The level of difficulty is subjective. Success hinges on adequate preparation and a solid understanding of the test format. To ensure you’re well-prepared, consider enrolling in a top-notch Edven overseas PTE institute near me .

PTE Basic & Advanced

Online (Group)
14499 6499 / month
  • Live
  • 30 Sessions
  • 5 Classes/ Week
  • 5-7 Students Per Batch
  • Rs 3999 per 10 sessions of Grammar (if required)
  • Rs 6999 per 15 sessions of Spoken English (if required)
  • Access to Class Recording for unlimited time
  • Live Evaluations for 3 Weeks
  • Access to 1 Mock test

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