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Privacy Policy - Edven Overseas

Edven Overseas is glad to welcome you on our website. Before you make use of this website and provide any personal details, you are requested to browse our privacy policy. The information which is provided by our prospective clients is kept strictly confidential and is protected. Your personal details will only be recorded if a message has been sent by you. Our clients can be assured that your personal information will only be used by our trained staff only for the purpose that the client has engaged our organization to do.

In addition, our team is extraordinarily dedicated in ensuring that your privacy is protected. If any reasonable data is asked from a specific user, then we assure you that it will be only used in the period of your service and will remain in accordance of this privacy statement. To add further, no information is supplied by Edven Overseas to any other person or firm except government agencies engaged in the process of immigration.

To receive our newsletter, blogs, catalog or updates regarding our products and services, you can register with our website. Unless you give your consent, no information will be used by us which is submitted by you on our website. We have the security measures developed in our website against the misuse and loss. We make our best efforts to protect your information from travelling over the internet however there is no warranty for the same.




  • Name and job title
  • Contact information along with email address
  • Information regarding postal code, preferences and interests
  • Other information related to client services.


This information is required in order to understand the your needs and provide you with better services along with the following reasons:


  • Internal maintenance of the record,
  • To improve our services,
  • To modify our website according to your interests by adding further products and facilities,
  • To stay connected via e-mails, phone, fax or postal mails.




  • Without the consent of the users, except when directed by the law, Edven Overseas never share information to the third party.
  • The information provided by you on our website will be used to communicate to you in order to resolve your queries either via written, physical, email, SMS or telephonic communication.
  • You have the option to put the limit on your collection of data in the following manner:
    a) While filling any form on our website you have the right to not provide any information if you are not feeling fine on providing the same.
    b) In case you have already provided any personal data on our website earlier by agreeing to the privacy policy agreement then you can drop us a mail info@edvenoverseas.com at to alter the same.
  • An update will be sent to you in case you if our services are temporarily suspended through an email, text message or telephonic call. In case you do not wish to receive the same then you have the option to unsubscribe from such emails or opt out by sending an email to info@edvenoverseas.com


All end users are suggested to provide any personal information to this website at their own risk. Additionally, this website and the proprietors of the same can engage any data to provide you with further information including the products or services they feel the requirement to share in order to provide its client better guidance and to sort queries in a presented manner.

It must be noted by all the clients of Edven Overseas who are taking on-line website payment facility, offered by the company, to share customer billing information like name, phone, address etc. with the bank. There might be a possibility that the bank uses this information for their research or marketing purposes. If any Client or visitor have any objection to such an action from the bank should then it is advisable to not take on-line website payment facility and opt for other methods of payment.



The website provides necessary exterior links for which the end users are advised to follow a policy of caution, before clicking any exterior web links. The proprietors of this website may not assure or authenticate the contents of any externally linked website, in case of any inconvenience caused to the user. Therefore, the users should click on the exterior link at their own risk and Edven Overseas will not be accountable for any consequences.



The website might contain some sponsored links and advertisements through our advertising agencies. You will be redirected to the website of the advertiser through a referral program which might use cookies and might track overall referral, in case you click on any such advertisement. Hence, the users should click on the external links at their own risk and must carefully observe before clicking as we would not be answerable for any sorts of harmful results.



If the user wish to opt out of receiving non-essential communications such as promotional and marketing-related information regarding the Site and our services, please send Edven Overseas an email at info@edvenoverseas.com 



This policy will be updated from time to time in regards to the information practices. If any material changes will be made by us then we will notify you via email or via a notice on the Site prior to the change becoming effective. It is encouraged that you review this page time to time for the latest information regarding our privacy practices.



In case of any concerns regarding the privacy policy , please feel free to contact us by writing to us at info@edvenoverseas.com or using the details provided on our ‘Contact Us’ page. We will do our best efforts to respond as soon as possible to requests, questions or concerns you may have regarding our use of personal information about you.



By agreeing to the terms under this Privacy Policy, you are expressly granting Edven Overseas the right to collect, share, transfer, store, retain or use the Personal Information as collected by us from your usage of the Site in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy. The consent may, at any time, be withdrawn by sending an email to info@edvenoverseas.com.Edven Overseas will delete or anonymize the data collected from you within 72 hours.



In case of any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact via email info@edvenoverseas.com
In the event of any grievances, you can write to us at the following address:

Edven Overseas
B- 355, KH. No. 356, Ashok Nagar, Delhi -110093