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Mohit - Edven Overseas


Regional Manager, Operations
Mohit is a highly motivated and dedicated individual who currently serves as a study abroad counselor and regional manager at Sai Abroad Consultants. With years of experience in the industry, Mohit possesses exceptional skills and knowledge in the field of international education.

As a counselor, Mohit has helped numerous students achieve their dreams of studying abroad by providing them with valuable insights and guidance. His personalized approach to counseling has earned him a reputation for being a compassionate and understanding advisor who goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients receive the best possible support.



As a Study Abroad Counselor and Regional Manager at Sai Abroad Consultants, Mohit has extensive expertise in guiding students towards achieving their international education goals. His knowledge and experience in the field of study abroad counseling enable him to provide personalized advice and support to students, helping them make informed decisions about their academic and career aspirations.

Mohit possesses a deep understanding of the admissions processes and requirements for various universities and colleges across the globe. He is adept at evaluating students’ academic backgrounds, interests, and career aspirations to identify the best-fit institutions for their academic pursuits. He has a wealth of knowledge about international education systems and is well-versed in the nuances of different countries’ educational landscapes, enabling him to guide students towards the most suitable programs and institutions.

Overall, Mohit’s expertise in study abroad counseling and his commitment to providing students with the best possible guidance and support make him an excellent resource for anyone looking to pursue international education.